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Frank Merriwell's pupils play water polo.

Neptune club in background. Two pairs of water polo players in the foreground. Player in white cap preparing to pass right-handed is pressured by defender raising his right hand. White team mate holds left arm aloft to receive the ball as another…

A history of water polo in Malta from 1910-1988 with photographs of national and club teams.

Published by the Féderation français des maitres, nageurs, sauveteurs, this book offers an overview of water polo technique and training. Illustrated throughout with black and white photographs and drawings.

Obverse: Legend at top: WATER POLO. Right handed player preparing to shoot with blocking defender (goalkeeper?) leaning to left, both arms out of water, right arm raised to block, left falling away.

Reverse: Legend: OFFICIAL PNC COLLECTION at top;…

Obverse: Coat of arms over water under legend MAGYAR KÖZTÁRSASÁG 5000 forint in exergue.
Reverse: Water polo player preparing to shoot right handed, facing right, under legend NYÁRI OLIMPIAI JÁTËKOK

Croatia, Silver coin published for 26th Olympic Games, Atlanta. Value: 100 Kuna.

Obverse: depicts a water polo player, ball in right hand, preparing to shoot above legend "XXVI. OLIMPIJSKE IGRE, ATLANTA 1996."

Reverse: depicts an Olympian…